A Gift for the President

white cajun navy polo shirt for the president
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Of course when you’re going to the White House to meet the President you want to bring a gift! Jon and I decided a personalized shirt would be perfect.

monogram parade logo

But, how do you order one without giving out your secret?

Well, you call Kathy Bordelon and Megan Gwatney with Monogram Parade, LLC!

I called Monday morning telling her what size I needed, asking how quickly could she get it, and oh! By the way I needed a name added, but I won’t know the name till later… lol

Friday when I texted the name to her and explained I needed complete confidentiality, let’s just say she was very surprised! They got our shirt done immediately, kept our secret, and insisted on donating the shirt and a hat!

Kathy and Megan have donated many shirts to Pinnacle Search and Rescue, we appreciate them and their quick excellent customer service.

laurie bridgers photo

Thank You and God Bless,

Laurie Bridgers

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