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Once upon a time, there was this flood, and then another, and then another.

As a result, there was a need, and we came together as a community to fill it.

denham springs business during the flood Edit

The name Cajun Navy first came about in August 2005.

During the severe flooding that occurred from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and surrounding areas, a plea was put out by local officials for volunteers with boats to assist with the rescue efforts of thousands of stranded citizens.

The rest is history.

In August 2016, a series of severe thunderstorms dumped up to 36″ of rain in 48 hours, flooding many areas in south Louisiana.

This time there was no warning as the flooding was a direct result of a storm without a name.

When the floodwaters began to rise, the Cajun Navy reemerged as Louisiana Sportsmen volunteers who took to the floodwaters to help stranded victims.

Many of the volunteers had lost their own homes and possessions just as the victims they were helping did.

This major flood event would later be called the 1000-year flood, and one that most will never forget.

Social media and smartphone apps played a vital part in the rescue efforts with this particular event.

french quarter in new orleans during hurricane katrina flood

Alongside First Responders

the Cajun Navy rescued thousands of people during this devastating flood.

Once the floodwaters receded, the volunteers did not stop to rest. They continued gathering donated food, water, and other supplies and began delivering these items to those in need.

Many people had lost their vehicles due to the high water, so the much-needed supplies were provided to them directly.

The next phase of efforts was focused on gutting and mucking houses, rebuilding, gathering, and installing used appliances for those who could not afford them.

There were thousands of people and businesses that lived/resided in NO FLOOD ZONES, which meant they were not required to have flood insurance, so most did not have this specific coverage.

It was apparent that the recovery would be long and costly.

cajun navy pinnacle search and rescue personnel in front of a deuce and a half
August 2017

Hurricane Harvey Hits Texas

dumping up to 56" of rain in some areas, causing another record flooding event.

flooded livingston parish seen from the air

The Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards called on the Cajun Navy once again.

Thousands of Louisiana volunteers answered the call, they put their lives on hold, and they headed to Texas.

Pinnacle Search and Rescue set up its command center the following morning at Costco in the parking lot in Baton Rouge.

Boats, RV, and trucks with flatbed trailers poured in.

As people went into Costco to shop, they would purchase supplies and donate them to the Cajun Navy.

Every boat that left out of Costco for the next five days was loaded and ready.

During the rescue process, social media was utilized to gather rescue requests and relay them to our dispatchers.

Various apps were also used to coordinate efforts as well.

History was made that week to the glory of God as He used this ministry to bless victims of this terrible storm, to bless our volunteers and supporters, and to bless our leadership with all it needed to accomplish the task at hand.

Not only were people rescued, but supplies were delivered to various staging points and areas of need as well.

Trained, Tested, & Proven

In 2005, we were trained. In 2016, we were tested.

And in 2017, we proved the organization and capabilities of the Cajun Navy are viable in times of disaster.

The hearts of the volunteer men and women who served and continue to serve are not only warm with compassion but also contagious to others.

When an emergency comes, the Louisiana Governor said: “The Cajun Navy fills a void.” This void is filled by those who serve and support our organization.

We want to stop and say thank you to all of those who volunteer and support this ministry, whether monetarily, with supplies, or by being the hands and feet of the Lord out in the communities during times of crisis and disaster.

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