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Pinnacle Search and Rescue

Hurricane Response

how we help

Living in South Louisiana, one thing we have dealt with many times is hurricanes.

We always encourage everyone to pay attention to the local authorities, and if they recommend evacuating, we hope everyone will.

However, sometimes people may not be able to do so for a variety of reasons.

Once we get an idea of where the storm will hit and what areas may be affected, we begin to contact authorities to determine where and how we can be most effective.

Since 2016 we have responded to numerous hurricanes, and every deployment is different.

Over the years, we have expanded our training and added to our equipment to handle a variety of situations.

cajun navy boats driving down a flooded road 1

One of our teams moving into  Lumberton, NC after Hurricane Florence.

Navigating the roadways can become an issue and this is where our dispatch team is vital in guiding the teams around road closures.

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