Storm response while COVID-19 aware

pinnacle search and rescue storm response covid aware
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We knew this was inevitable having to decide how we would respond while dealing with COVID-19.

Would anyone volunteer?

Would people want our help?

Would it be safe?

So many questions.

And then disaster struck Soso, MS.

As we were starting the process of mapping out how we would respond during the current health crisis, a storm swept through Louisiana and Mississippi bringing devastating tornadoes.

Our questions were answered quickly, the calls started coming in from many of our dedicated volunteers ready to help.

The decision was made to go to Soso, MS. a particularly hard-hit area with very limited resources.

A team quickly came together with facemasks and gloves on hand ready to respond.

Our first team left Crossgate Church in Hammond, LA. at 4:00 am on Monday the 13th of April. Our Directors contacted the local officials and they got to work immediately.

The team used a skid steer to remove large debris while volunteers gathered and hauled the smaller debris. We had several men running the chainsaws that were donated during our Hurricane Michael response.

The people of Mississippi were very thankful for the help and realizing just how much help was needed we decided a second trip would be necessary.

As I sit writing this, we have 3 teams of men and women with 3 skid steers and chainsaws working in and around Soso, they have volunteered to spend their weekend serving.

They come from all different backgrounds; military, pastors, moms, business owners, all people who just want to serve.

The Lord is most definitely working through them. I’ve received multiple thank you calls, one from a 70-year-old woman who was so thankful for our help, she stated that she and her 80-year-old husband had been trying to do all the work themselves.

This is where our heart lies, in helping those most vulnerable.

We don’t do it alone, we are Blessed to have so many who step up and donate funds, equipment, meals, rooms, and prayer!

Everyone has a part to play in our missions.


laurie bridgers photo

Laurie Bridgers Vice-President

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