The White House Calls

On Sunday the 21st of January, Jon received a call from The White House, the caller stated, “The President would like to meet you in DC, would you be interested?”  Jon jokingly said, “ He would check his schedule!” And then of course said he would be honored to be there. As you can imagine it was the longest week of our lives.

group of Pinnacle Search and Rescue leadership with president trump

We wanted so badly to tell our family and friends, but “The White House” asked us to keep it confidential.

And when the President asks you to keep it quiet, you do! Lol…

Days before our flight it started to weigh on our hearts that we would be representing so many people who gave so much; time, love, compassion, and effort to help so many.

What kept coming to mind for me was the women who just showed up at Costco the week of Harvey to help.

These ladies worked tirelessly, dispatching, directing, taking calls continuously, and loading boats and trailers full the supplies being donated from our Baton Rouge community. Let’s just say “The Ladies of Pinnacle Search and Rescue” are awesome!

There are endless stories of people in our community stepping up to help others, it was truly the Lord at work.

What happened during Harvey proved citizens helping citizens works. There truly are people who just want to help others. Numerous groups and individuals showed what can be accomplished by the hands of many!

We certainly knew going to DC would be an honor, but we had no idea how humbling it would be.

We spent 12 hours with some truly amazing people and heroes! The most touching moment for me was a conversation I had with Otto Warmbier’s father. If you don’t know his story read about it. After everything his family has been through, it was so moving to hear him say he still had hope!

We are leaving DC with hearts filled with love and hope for our great country! 

laurie bridgers photo

Thank You and God Bless,

Laurie Bridgers

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