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group of boats prepared for disaster response

To “Float the Boats” or Not?

Our goal is always to not have to ‘float the boats” and we were Blessed to not to have to! Our Pinnacle Search and Rescue team is grateful that our communities were spared another devastating flood event.

four one dollar bills on a white background

The Lady That Donated 4 Dollars

These may just look like 4 wrinkly $1 bills to most people, but to me, they are an example of people helping people, no matter what.

cajun navy search and rescue boats

Cajun Navy Search and Rescue

The Cajun Navy doesn’t just activate during historical flooding situations anymore. We also are an active Search and Rescue Team that looks for missing persons like elderly, autistic individuals, drowning victims etc.

discovery channel

Cajun Navy Documentary

Last year Lightbox a production company from London followed us to film our rescue and relief efforts. We hope it will inspire others!

white cajun navy polo shirt for the president

A Gift for the President

Of course when you’re going to the White House to meet the President you want to bring a gift! Jon and I decided a personalized shirt would be perfect.

john and laurie bridgers of cajun navy 2016 with president trump

The White House Calls

On Sunday the 21st of January, Jon received a call from The White House, the caller stated, “The President would like to meet you in DC, would you be interested?”

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