The Lady That Donated 4 Dollars

This was an experience that our Northwestern Division Leader John Able had during our Hurricane Florence deployment last year.

These may just look like 4 wrinkly $1 bills to most people, but to me, they are an example of people helping people, no matter what.

Early Friday morning, myself and our team left Lexington, South Carolina bound for Wilmington North Carolina. We had a convoy of about 15 trucks and boats. As we exited off the interstate in an unknown town to refuel, I noticed a small car was trying to merge over in front of me to make the exit. I let her over and proceeded to the gas station. Little did I know, the car in front of me was trying to get my attention. As we pulled up to the stop light just before the gas station, the lady, with 2 kids in the car, jumped out of her car and ran back to my window. I rolled the window down and in her hand were these dollar bills. She said,

“I know it’s not much, but I want y’all to have it. Put it towards gas or snacks or whatever you may need it for. We appreciate everything y’all are doing for us!”

Of course, I argued with her and told her to keep it, but she wasn’t having it. She insisted that I take her last bit of cash that she had on her.

Thankfully, I had on a pair of sunglasses and Andy Vaughan couldn’t see the tears building up in my eyes. For people to know who we are and what we’re doing and wanting to help us sure helps restore my faith in humanity.

four dollar bills

I didn’t use the 4 dollars. I folded them neatly and placed them in my center console. I’ll probably never use them. From now on, if my faith gets worn thin, I’ll have these 4 dollar bills to look back on. The Lord knew what he was doing when HE decided it was time for us to make a pit stop for gas.

To the lady with the 2 kids, I hope this makes it back to you some day.

If it does, please get in touch with me. Until then, thank you for the generous donation. You are what makes Pinnacle Search and Rescue so special!

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