Partner Highlight – The Cajun Army

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The Cajun Army is a group of volunteers from across the U.S. who can mobilize at a moment’s notice to help those in need when natural disasters strike, such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma that struck our country this year. 

Its mission statement reads: “We are an all-volunteer organization whose main goal is to assist those who have been displaced by natural disasters.”

The group was founded by Chris King, Nick Loupe, and Josh Loupe and has since grown exponentially.

What is the Cajun Army?

The Cajun Army is a 501c3 non-profit group that was formed after the Great Flood of 2016 in Louisiana and has never looked back. They’ve helped gut and rebuild homes, clean up streets, and provide food and supplies for displaced families who lost everything to floods waters.

The ongoing efforts of The Cajun Army are truly remarkable as they continue tirelessly helping those most impacted by natural disasters with little more than their love and determination

Who is the Cajun Army?

The Cajun Army has over 19,000 members who are all volunteers that work with other local agencies to respond to emergencies.

They connect the needs and desires of their community with volunteers willing to provide service when natural disasters destroy homes and communities.

cajun army facebook group

Their team has created an online network on Facebook where individuals can find needed information easily while they are donating time or other resources for relief efforts from afar.

What Does the Cajun Army Do?

When an area is affected by mass flooding, The Cajun Army volunteers gut houses and provide debris removal from the homes to the curb, for free.

They also offer free gutting, demo assistance, and valuable tips to homeowners whose homes have been affected by disasters.

Their goal is to give hope while walking with those they serve through the initial steps of recovery.

Learn More About the Cajun Army

To learn more about the Cajun Army or to volunteer with them, please visit their website at

*The Cajun Army and Pinnacle Search and Rescue (Cajun Navy 2016) are two different organizations and are not affiliated in any way.

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