Support the Cajun Navy’s Hurricane Delta Response

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Help The Cajun Navy's Hurricane Delta Response and Relief

The Cajun Navy (Pinnacle Search and Rescue is here to help).

As Hurricane Delta makes landfall in the Gulf of Mexico, it is poised to bring certain destruction by winds and storm surge to South Louisiana and Southeast Texas.

You can help the Original Cajun Navy (Pinnacle SAR) with their live-saving response today.

Just like we did during all other natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina, and the most recent being Hurricane Laura, The Cajun Navy 2016 (Pinnacle Search and Rescue) is here to lend a hand and hurricane response..

Once the storm has subsided, Delta becomes a tropical storm and dissipates; we will be there to help with the aftermath.

Pinnacle Search and Rescue is the original Cajun Navy Relief organization and is one of the largest volunteer groups in Baton Rouge, Livingston Parish, Louisiana, and the South.

We are 100% funded by our faithful supporters, and all proceeds from this campaign will help provide life-saving rescue during and help those affected to get back to normal in the aftermath of this hurricane.

Donate to this campaign by clicking the button, and please share on social media to help us help those in need.  And, if you’re interested in helping us during the next emergency, consider joining the Cajun Navy.


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